The SKKIF Technical Committee is split into regions and comprises of senior graded instructors with SKIF under Soke Kanazawa…

Renshi Kevin Leigh, 7th Dan

Renshi Kevin Leigh began his karate journey with ASKA in 1977 achieving 2nd Kyu under Sensei Blante before joining the Jin Sei Kai organisation in 1981 whist it was a part of SKIF. There he was awarded his 1st Dan in 1982 under Soke Kanazawa. When Jin Sei Kai left SKIF he continued with them, training under the direction of Sensei Paul Perry and reached his 4th Dan in 1997.

Renshi Leigh re-joined SKKIF with his Watford dojo in 2002, achieving his 5th dan in 2005 again under Soke Kanazawa. In 2009 he captained the SKKIF UK squad at the SKIF World Championships, earning fourth place in senior individual kata and second place in team senior kata. In 2011 Renshi Leigh received his 6th dan from Soke and was subsequently elected Vice-Chair of SKKIF in 2012. He was awarded the title of Renshi by the Honbu dojo in Tokyo in 2016 and 7th Dan by Kancho Kanazawa in 2022.

Renshi Leigh is responsible for London & Home Counties.

Renshi Tony Atherden, 7th Dan

Renshi Tony Atherden first started training in 1963 and is a respected and renowned karateka for his technical knowledge. He has competed at both national and international level, most recently achieving third place in the Masters category at the 13th SKIF World Championships in 2019 as well as medals at the 10th (2009) and 11th (2012) SKIF World Championships.

Renshi Atherden teaches at his dojo in Wrekin near Telford and is responsible for the Midlands.

Renshi Ray Wilkin, 7th Dan

Renshi Ray Wilkin first began training in 1972 with the KUGB under Sensei Asano, before moving to SKIF under club instructor Sensie Richard Burns, achieving 2nd Dan with Sensei Sadashige Kato. Starting his own club in Blackpool, Renshi Wilkin affiliated to SKKIF after Sensei Burns emigrated to Tokyo, and subsequently achieved his 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th Dans under Soke Kanazawa before being award the title of Renshi by Soke in recognition of his dedication and length of service. Renshi Wilkin has competed nationally as well as internationally at the 6th (1997) and 7th (2000) SKIF World Championships, and was awarded his 7th Dan by Kancho Kanazawa in 2022.

Renshi Wilkin teaches at his dojo in Blackpool and is responsible for the North West.

Sensei Mark Donaghy, 7th Dan

Sensei Mark Donaghy began training in 1984 and is a lifelong student under the teachings of Soke Kanazawa, having competed and succeeded at both national and international level. Sensei Donaghy was awarded his 7th Dan by Kancho Kanazawa in 2022.

Sensei Donaghy teaches at his dojos in Aberdeen and Peterhead and is responsible for Scotland.